Astros at Guardians 8/7/22


Astros make 3 outs on 5 pitches

McKenzie pitching

Pena F7
Diaz F5
Alvarez F8.

Bottom 1

Javier pitching
Kwan - Ks
Rosario - F9
Ramirez doubles into RF corner on a down and in breaking ball
Naylor - works a full count, swings and misses on a slider. K.

End 1 no score.

Top 2
McKenzie pitching

Bregman fouls off 2, swings and missses on high heat. K
Mancini - singles up the middle
McCormick - line drive single to left
Dubon - strikes out on a not quite checked swing on a curve down a nd out, after fouling off a hanging curve the pitch before. K
Meyers - works a full count, checks on curve that bounces away (not far enough), the swings and misses on a slider. K.

After 1.5. Still no score.

Interview with Mancini during the inning
Excited to be here, feels like a rookie… talks about playing shift, thought he had chance at popup into dogout…

Bottom 2

Javier pitching - pops out to Pena.
Gonzales - K swing on a slider
Miller - pops out to Pena.

End 2. No score.

(Gotta run).

That was cool having a half-inning long conversation with Mancini. He barely stopped talking during the action, even while he was going after the foul.

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Broke down and bought yet another streaming service…. Anyway this so far is way better than the crappleTV broadcasts


Broadcast schedule:

Thursday - YouYube
Friday - over the air via HD antenna only
Saturday- BBC
Sunday - Brigadoon+

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Btw, Guardians up 1-0 on a solo HR

The good news is that MLB guarantees each team will only have 1 game on Brigadoon+ every 100 years

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Astros offense continues to produce jack shit.

Astros with a whopping 2 base runners through 7

This offense still misses Uncle Mike. Most of this team’s best hitters over the last few years still with the club are having sub-par years at the plate. Yuli’s drop was precipitous, although he has shown some signs of life recently. Bregman hasn’t been “himself” for a few years now, although he, too, has been better of late. Altuve is no longer a lock for .300+ BA. He may never hit .300 again.

None of these guys are bad hitters, but that lineup used to have two or more .300 hitters and now Yordan is the only one.

Pitching, however, is better than recent years, hence the success this season so far.

This offense not only misses Brantley, but McCormick, Dubon, Meyers and Maldonado in the 6-9 hole is bad. They traded for a good hitting catcher for a reason. He needs be more than 2 starts in a six-game week, especially when Tucker is out and Altuve and Gurriel are getting veteran days off.

Today’s Astros lineup is close to the worst lineup they should ever run out.

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This offense also misses Altuve, Gurriel, and Tucker. When you run out McCormick, Dubon, Meyers, and Maldonado in a row, you’re conceding that game before it starts.


So, Tucker is good enough to pinch hit, but not start.

Tucker worked that at bat.

The lineups cost the Astros a few games each year.

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Will someone please take Altuve’s bat away from him.


Fouls off ball 3 and gidp ball 4.

I will throw my remote at the screen and Altuve will swing wildly at it