Astros at Guardians, 8/6/22

Garcia has only retired 4 of the first 12 batters and trails 4-0, still in the bottom of the second.

That was an ugly, ugly inning. Pena didn’t help him, either.

That was Diaz

Ah, thanks, my bad (and his).

Garcia strikes out the side in the third, still 4-0

If I’m giving the impression that the Astros are skipping their turns at bat, that’s essentially correct

Bregman made a diving stop down the line to rob a double, Straw’s single went for naught. End 4, 4-0 Guardians.

That was amazing. At this rate that play is far and away the highlight of the night.

Garcia gives up only a 2-out single on the fifth.

Still 4-0

Meyers doubles to lead off the 6th - his two hits are the team’s only hits thus far

Altuve grounds 5-3
Yuli grounds 4-3, Jake to third
Yordan strikes out looking 3-2

Mid 6, 4-0

This GZ has about as much action as our offense tonight

Altuve with a diving stop and throw to nab a sliding Straw to end the sixth, still 4-0

Dinner time

Stros need to eat really soon

I’m at a wedding reception. Here it’s still tied.



Just checking in intermittently on gamecast while doing yard work and errands. Looks like Smith only threw one curve that entire inning.

Guys should have plenty of energy for tomorrow’s game.

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They should have given Mancini the day off.

Was only casually watching, believe I saw Vazquez call for the ball after his 1st Astro hit (after 1 out, top of 5th).