Astros at Guardians, 6/10/23

After a Dubon fly out, back to back doubles from Altuve and Bregman and an Abreu HR make it a 3 run top of the first.

Wow. That’s a sight for sore eyes!

Well, well. Another Abreu home run. Fancy that.

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Yall watching the UT game as well?

OK that was a bullshit move by the HPU

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I am only watching UT. Astros here.

If we do not trade for a top of the rotation pitcher…. How many games in a row have we jumped out to a multiple run lead?

Now I’m confused.

If hate can fuel him then I say let the shit talking continue.


Mostly at night. Mostly.

This threw me: “I am only watching UT. Astros here.”

I do not know about him, but it fuels me.

Astros “watching” here=GZ.

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Well I didn’t think about that.

Horns overmatched by the FB early.

Man, what a shitburger from the bottom of the order after Julks singles and steals.

Meyers doesn’t even try to hit the ball to the right side with 2 strikes and no outs.

Maldy pops up a cookie.

Dubon pops out.

Dammit, again.

Was that a contact play?

Just positively dogshit at bats again wtih a runner in scoring position and no outs.

Bregman and his popup bullshit is so. fucking. infuriating.

Almost definitely, yes.

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