Astros at Grand Prarie, September 27, 2020

Last game of the regular season.

Altuve blasted a solo shot in the first.

Yuli lined a ball over LFer’s head for a long, loud single in the 2nd.

Rangers in hideous baby blue unis.

Correa infield single, Reddick walk.

Bases juiced for Garneau

Garneau Ks, Springer gets a 3-1 FB but just didn’t get it solidly. F8 ends the threat.

Just horrible.

Sure would be nice if we weren’t making Huff look like Ted Fucking Williams.

The aforementioned Huff ties the game with a 2 out single to left.

(Gallo reached on a 3-2 hbp, advanced to 2nd on a grounder, I think)

Altuve walks

Brantley singles up the middle, Altuve to 3rd

Bregman Ks swinging.

Muttered to himself thru the whole AB after a bad swing on strike 1.

Altuve scores on Diaz’s 6-3 FC

Yuli grounds out 4-3

2-1 Astros

LOL. Blummer on the colt .45s lineup that the average age was 19: can you imagine if Joe Buck called that game? You would know their ages every inning.

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Don’t know if they covered this bc I have the sound down:

Aaron Pointer’s sisters were/are The Pointer Sisters of Motown fame.

He had a long career as an NFL official.

Coreea homers to left center

I’ve only been half paying attention, so I don’t know if that came up or not. My ears just perked up at average age of 19.

Interesting, though. Just that he was a baseball player and and an nfl official, but the pointer sisters thing was icing on the cake.

It doesn’t matter, and it isn’t anything we haven’t seen in 80% or more of the game this season, but this hpu sucks.

Stink homer makes it 4-3 Grand Prarie.

De Jong’s job was to get a many innings as he could.

Looks like he’s at his limit in the 4th.

And he manages to load the bases after the 3 run jack.

Nivoldi Rodriguez coming in.

2 outs…