Astros at Giants, 7/30/2021

Look out, there’s a baby giraffe in center field:

This is one way to ensure Yordan, Brantley and Tucker can all play in NL parks. How it works out, I have no idea. That said, if you were going to do it for a game, a heavy ground ball pitcher like Framber is the guy to experiment with it.

I hope we get lots of GB today, from everyone.

eta: Baby Giraffe was Lidge, need another name for Tucker.

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My wife calls him fuckertucker

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I think your wife and I would get along.


Yeah, I like the cut of her jib.

I remember once seeing a big puma falling up Tal’s Hill. Could a baby giraffe be much worse?


I always forget that somebody thought that was a good idea

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It was a better idea than Biggio


Dusty suspended because Raley was tossed after the hbp following the grand slam.

So a stupid ejection gets even stupider.

Might as well do the experiment now. Espada is the acting manager, so this could be a future view

Espada is doing great.

Machete’s AB was infuriating.

Holy crap, strike 3 to Diaz was unhittable.

I tuned out in with the bases loaded, just in time to see Maldonado’s deer in the headlights at bat. I’m guessing someone did something good though.

No idea why Maldonado wasn’t sitting FB on 1st 2 pitches.

Gameplan is one thing, recognizing what’s unfolding is another.

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Good reason to take it. They did a great job laying off the splitter till then.


Gaussman had zero command of secondary pitches.

Altuve/Brantley went 0-2 to 3-2 and singled.

Clear that the approach was to take pitches early in the count.

Take the splitter every time. Chase pitch.

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