Astros at Fishmongers May 27, 2022

No score bottom of the first.

Well, she-itttt.

Julio Rodriguez goes deep with one on. 2-0

Right down Main Street.

0-2 hung slider makes it 4-0 Seattle before mercy.

Ill tidings from the Land of Ver.

Which Astros offense will we get?

I guess it was bound to happen to JV, but damn.

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Look at it this way: we’ll be able to go to bed at the regular time.


Fix your shit, JV!

The Blues are eliminated at home by the Avalanche in game 6 on a last second shot. Actually it was with 5.6 seconds left. Final score 3-2

Fuck the Avs.

I haven’t cared about hockey since the WHA.

I’ve been to a couple of Ducks games. They’re very loud.

when i was a little one, like bobby orr. never my game. gave a hockey player ride when moved from houston to NJ. moving van, 8 years later moved back. many moons ago.

I like Hockey but I don’t follow it very closely. I used to go to a lot of Blues games when I lived in St Louis and to several Stars games when I’ve been in the DFW area. I like the playoffs and that’s usually the only time I really follow the NHL anymore. The NHL playoffs makes for some real exciting hockey games.

Not like this game tonight.

Through 4, Astros down by 4 runs.

I loved Aeros games at the Sam Houston Coliseum.

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I went to a couple of those. Got a puck that hit the glass and bounced over. Wish I still had it.


Les Alexander was one hell of an owner for the Rockets. But fuck him for blocking the NHL in Houston.