Astros at Dodgers, 8/3/21

Brantley is in the lineup, and Tucker starts again in center field.

I’ve done everything I can for tonight’s game. I’ve started Buehler as the pitcher on my fantasy team.

Ugh, not good.

Buckle up everybody. Might be a bumpy ride tonight

I know they’re making a big deal of this rivalry, but it seems pretty one-sided. I would classify the Dojers as more of an annoyance.

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I would have lost my shit if he had kept that first pitch fair


Umpire is obviously wearing blue underwear…

Sit down, Fresh Prince.

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I know this is a controversial take, but here goes:

I hate the Dodgers.

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I know.

I hated the Dojer even before Dusty played for them.

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Attaboy Kyle

And Mendoza comes up with RISP. Very unfortunate…

It didn’t seem a particularly bad at bat though.

He did put it in play. Well above par for him.

He worked the count for a fastball. That’s why it wasn’t bad.


Nice play, Jose!

Nice play by Jose/Diaz.