Astros at ChiSox, 8/15/22

Tonight’s lineup:

pictures Dusty taking a huge bong hit before deciding to write the following:

SS Dubon
1B Gurriel
LF Alvarez
3B Bregman
RF Tucker
2B Diaz
DH Mancini
CF Meyers
C Maldonado

P Urquidy


I was just marveling at that one. It’s, um, interesting splitting up Meyers and Dubon with Maldonado.

And Diaz at 2nd.

Verlander would shit a brick if that were his lineup.

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Was this a scheduled day off for Pena? I thought I saw him favoring his groin a little bit when leaving the field after scoring on the sac fly, but hopefully I was wrong.

I was only off by half a body.

I saw him reaching for something around his hip too.

ETA: as was I.

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Urquidy should too

Dubon and Gurriel with singles…Astros on corners, nobody out…

Correction: Gurriel’s scored E4

Sac fly from Alvarez, Dubon scores, 1-0 Astros

Bregman with an RBI double…2-0

Dusty’s a genius!

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Hopefully Urquidy can contain his anger about being spotted a few runs before taking the mound.

Middle of one…2-0 Astros

Fuck Tony LaRussa. That’s all.

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Not even with Mark McGwire’s shriveled dick.

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After one…2-0 Astros

I’ll take your word for it.

After all those steroids? You’d need an electron microscope to find it.

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Dubon flashing the glove out there at short.