Astros at Brewers, 5/23/23

Whatever you’ve done for the last 9 days, keep doing it.

2b Altuve
3b Bregman
LF Alvarez
RF Tucker
1b Abreu
SS Peña
C Diaz
CF McCormick
DH Julks

P France

I’ve been doing it since I was 12. I didn’t stop when I got married, so why would I stop doing it now?

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Keep pulling for the team

Geez, another moron behind the plate. Awesome

Yordan drilled in his first at bat.

Well that was an inauspicious start

I didn’t see the HBP. Did it look on the level, like it just got away?

Even though the StroPoll is stupid, I think “The Big Hurt” fits best.

I thought so. Flew up and in.

Love Bagwell as the color guy!
Hearing him describe the Astros clubhouse…

Bregman unfucking his bat was the preferred outcome, but I’ll take a walk.

C’mon, big fella…

Two on, two out for Alvarez…

Alvarez pops out to end the inning. Middle of three…no score

Hanging slider. 1-0 Brewers

Can’t put it on a tee like that

Rookie battery got out of the inning.
Timely mound visit by Yainer.

Anyone going to do PBP?

(Bot of 3rd, no score)
HR, BB, force out, 3-2 count
Mound visit,
then called 3rd K & fly out, end of inning)

T 4th, 0-1 Brewers ahead
Tucker called 3rd strike
Abreu single to CF
DEEP fly out by Pena
Yainer force out @ 2nd

to B 4th, 0-1 Brewers

Just eat that throw, Diaz

And I’m immediately reminded why Diaz was always a bat first catcher in the minors.

What the actual fuck?