Astros at Braves 8/21/22

Yordan back in the lineup at DH. Duban is leading off because he’s the 2B today, I guess.

Alvarez being back is the best thing I’ve seen all weekend!


No Altuve or Mancini. Both were awful yesterday, so maybe a day off will do them good.

Dusty is trying something new - instead of “resting” someone as a reward so they can savor a great day at the plate, he is giving them an off-day to regroup. Might work.

The Astros are undefeated in day games when I nap during the 5th inning. I think.

After that early morning flight, I might have to try this strategy.

Leadoff hitter Mauricio Dubon, because you always get your weakest hitter out of the way first.


Dubon flies to shallow RF on the first pitch
Gurriel strikes out swinging at a pitch over his head
Alvarez…3-0…grounds out 3U right on the 1B line

No score

And to make sure he gets the most at bats.

Dusty did this in the ChiSox series and naturally Dubon made the final out with the tying runs on base

I am enjoying a dark n strormy (with proper Gosling’s Black Seal) and an Undercrown madero toro. It’s a nice, relatively cool overcast afternoon.


We hang em, they bang em.

Jaysus… Pull up the gamecast and Olson goes yard (not Merlin).


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More like Frank. Stay away from tall buildings.


Acuña…0-2…1-2…foul…flies out F8 on a soft liner
Swanson grounds to 2B, no one there…shiftfuck single
Riley…0-2…strikes out swinging
Wild pitch sends Swanson to 2B
Olson crushes a towering home run to RCF…hanging change up right down the center square
d’Arnaud…full count…walks
Grissom strikes out swinging

2-0 Braves

You might want to go ahead and sleep through all of this one.

He needs the most work


Bregman gets a 2-1 hanging slider down the middle and pops up F6
Tucker grounds out 4-3
Peña hacking at sliders in the dirt, strikes out swinging at ball five in the dugout

2-0 Braves