Astros at Blue Jays, June 4, 2021

Chas in left, Díaz at 3rd.

They’re hoping Brantley can return for the Boston series.

Diaz is batting third, which leads me to wonder if Dusty knows that not everyone filling in for a starter has to take their spot in the order.


3rd base, 3rd spot in the order. Where else COULD he hit?!

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This is gonna be a quick game if Altuve has any say so.

4 pitches, 2 outs.

F8, F9, 5-3 for the Astros in the 1st.

Looks like their approach yesterday. And that worked out so well.

Semian F8.

Also 1st pitch like Altuve though his was sharper.

Bichette lines out to right.

So F9, like Correa.

Vlad Jr 6-3.

4 pitch inning for Grienke.

That was efficient.

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Yuli F9.

Saw several pitches.

If the top 6-7 can’t get hits today, then fuck it.

Yordan out 3U on a one hop rocket.

Tucker F7.

For those not locked in, they’re playing at the AAA stadium in Buffalo because the Jays are still exiled.

Teoscar singles to right

These guys are playing like they want to get out of Buffalo ASAP

Nice camera work on that play


Sounds like every visit I’ve made to Buffalo.

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