Astros at Bahstahn, 5/17/22

2B Altuve
DH Brantley
3B Bregman
LF Alvarez
1B Gurriel
RF Tucker
SS Peña
CF Siri
C Maldonado
P Urquidy

Astros go down in order T1.

Hernandez 5-3 followed by a Devers no-doubter to CF.

1-0 Sox.

Martinez lines a single
Bogaerts flies to RF
Tucker with a leaping catch at the RF wall to rob Verdugo, and Urquidy escapes with only 1 run damage.


Alvarez clears the Monster to make it 1-1!


Yuli grounds to 3B but the 1B Cordero whiffs on the catch, Yuli safe.

Tucker clears the RF wall for a 2-run homer, and the Astros lead 3-1!

I like that beautiful swing.


This one over the Monster as well, and it’s 4-1!

All the booms.

Three homers, 4 runs, 0 outs.

Vaun. Ting.

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Siri only makes the RF warning track. Slacker.

Weight room!

Maldonado, the wily veteran, dumps a bloop in front of Bradley in center. Good job expecting them to always run to the wall.

Altuve drills one down the 3B line for a double, Machete holds at third.


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Right? I was proud of him for making it there.

Eovaldi ain’t really fooling anyone.

Boomidy Boom Boom Boom