Astros at A's May 31, 2022

No score through 1-1/2 innings. Astros doing nothing at the plate so far.

Barerra Ks swinging.
Andrus doubles to left.
Neuse Ks swinging.
Pache grounds out 5-3,

No score after 2.

  1. Interesting to hear Robert Ford say that Andrus has “terrorized” the Astros over the years. I had the same impression and looked it up a couple years ago and discovered that he’s about career average against us.

  2. I don’t know but I know I don’t like why the pig-tailed girl eating healthy ice cream is riding a stack of impaled books leaking pages to the wind in this commercial I get every break on mlbtv.

Castro grounds out 3-1 covering.
Chas singles to right for the Astros’ first base runner.
Siri grounds into a 6-4-3 double play.

To the bottom of the third, no score.

I’ve just got gameday, so I can only do a very basic PBP.

Wanna take over?

Can’t yet.

The Great Tony Kemp flies out to left on a ten pitch at bat.
Jed Lowrie walks on four pitches.
Laureano flies out to left.
Seth Brown flies out to center.

No score through 3.

He’s terrorizing them tonight.

I would just add very judicious amounts of the offending curry to large amounts of rice. Make more rice if you have to. I assume everyone has a nice bag of jasmine rice on hand.

Thank you. I had of course dumped all the Thai place’s rice into the curry basically first thing, upon realizing I was in trouble that is, and now it is almost eleven o’clock here and come on, I’m not making more rice, you know?

I got through almost all of it in slow and deliberate phases, and have definitely never eaten more cherries in one sitting in my life.

Cherries are pretty good for heat, turns out. Pistachios start strong and fade quickly.

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I use cherries in a lot. cooked sauces, salads, plain, etc.

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Actually the pig-tailed girl does not have pig tails. Sorry, folks. Curly hair. My bad.

Chas drives in Yordan from second on a single and advances to second on the throw home, but Peña (who was on first) gets his head caught up his ass and gets run down between third and home.

Halfway through, 1-1.

Matom in for the 5th. Slightly surprising but Javier played with fire In every inning.

I fucking hate Laureano. It is a rare and toxic hate, an unchristian feeling. I can’t stand him.

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Great job Maton with an assist ( literally) from Alex.

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Laureano was so pissed about being held at third he was going to break for home on anything.


Goodnight everyone. I believe in you.

Koreans eat spicy dishes with rice by taking a spoonful of rice and then adding whatever spicy soup or curry you’re eating to the spoon just in case things get too intense and you need plain rice to bail your ass out of the fire. Of course the hardcore spice eaters just dump all the rice in and mix it up until every grain is dark red.

different rices are different. I think that might be jasmine rice which can be sticky. IMHO don’t care for it. I really like indian basmati rice myself.

Alvarez slaps a single to center field. Gurriel goes to 0-2 and hits a single to left.

Runners on first and second with one out, Peña at the plate hoping to atone for his base running brain fuck earlier.