Astros at Angels, May 10, 2023

Pena leading off, Tucker batting 4th.

With two out, Yordan gets a high fastball and absolutely obliterates it.

Mid 1, 1-0 Astros

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Julks in RF, Tucker DH, Diaz at 1b, Hensley at 2b

Javier strikes out the side swinging.

End 1, Astros 1-0

“Mini Munchies”

Jack in the Box never ceases to amaze me how directly they market to the stoner crowd.

Top 2:

Julks flies to RF
Diaz K swinging
Hensley K looking

Mid 2, Astros 1-0

It sure would be nice if pitchers other than Framber could protect a lead for an inning plus.

Fucking absolute meatball with 2 strikes.

He got 3 outs before giving up the lead, what more do you want?

4 outs?

Really, it’s Yordans fault for only hitting a solo shot

Bot 2:

Rendon with a laser to LF for a single
Javier puts it on an absolute tee to Renfroe at it’s 2-1
Drury with a lazy fly ball for the first out
This drops a single into LF
Urshela grounds into a 5-4-3 and Diaz manages to stick to the bag despite a wild throw from Hensley.

End 2, Angels 2-1

Top 3:

Jake strikes out looking at a letter high “strike”
Maldy lines a single into RF
Pena pops foul to first
Bregman puts a charge into one but it’s caught for the third out. “Strike one” was somewhere near downtown LA.

Mid 3, Angels 2-1

I’ve been reluctant to go out and do needed yard work because that means listening to Eischenfelder filling in for Robert Ford.

Bot 3:

Neto strikes out swinging
Ward flies to CF
Trout with a 3-1 pitch in on the wrists. He says it hit his hand, ump says it hit the bat. Next pitch strikes him out swinging.

Good bounce back inning. End 3, Angels 2-1

Naw. Hell naw.

Current SLG:
Maldonado .284
Abreu .265

Nice job by Diaz with the sac fly.

Julks is making shit happen.

Canning pitched that like he was afraid of Hensley.

Jake looked safe.

Holy hell, he was safe by a full stride. How the literal fuck does an umpire blow that call?