Astros at Angels, April 6

Trout hit a mammoth 2 run HR on a Greinke slider.

Tucker and Diaz hit back to back jacks.

Mid 2, tied at 2.

Greinke works around a 2 out double by Iglesias.

End 2, still 2-2.

Getting in the car someone else can PBP if anyone’s here

End of four, 2-2. Greinke at 51 pitches.
Straw, Maldo, and Altuve in the 5th.

I’m pretty sure Dylan Bundy is Al’s younger brother.

Walk, K, GIDP

To the bottom of the 5th.

Would have liked to see Straw run at some point there on Stassi. Blum mentioned that Bundy has never picked off a runner.

Also worth mentioning that in addition to the HR, Diaz had a very nice running/diving catch in LF earlier.

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Straw exemplifies why base running is about more than speed.

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It’s also just not part of the equation anymore. Jeff Bagwell twice stole 30 bases in a season. George Springer has a total of 48 in his career, now in it’s 8th season.

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Greinke don’t give a damn.

Bagwell knew the pitcher was throwing home before the pitcher did. By the time the pitcher decided to deliver the pitch, Bags was already two steps down the line and at full stride. He also always seemed to get the extra base on someone else’s hit. One of the best all around base runners I’ve ever seen.


Astros at 2B and 3B, one out for Correa…who pops out

Fuck you Carlos.

No contract help on that one.

Now up to Tucker…

Tucker just overmatched…takes strike three

What a shit inning.


Sure he’s not Ted’s cousin?

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Man that sucked.

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Tucker took a fastball belt high on the outside half for strike three. Perfect pitch to drive to LF against the shift and plate two runs…