Astros at Angels 13 July, 2022

Altuve walks.
Chas Ks swinging.
Altuve steals second.
Tucker Ks swinging.
Bregman grounds out 6-3.

After 0.5, no score.

Ohtani Ks swinging.
Ward Ks swinging.
Rengifo singles to Meyers in CF.
Walsh Ks looking.

After 1.0, no score.

Yuli went to the plate with his back pocket out…CB Bucknor made him tuck it in.

Bucknor already missed calls on both sides. Told Yuli he had to tuck in his signature back pocket.

JJ got shiftfucked

This is gonna be one of those games, isn’t it.


Yuli Ks swinging.
JJ grounds out 4-3.
Pena Ks swinging.

After 1.5, no score.


The squeeze is on. Dammit

Nice bunt

It was perfect. Javier had to field it, but had no chance anywhere

If he hadn’t thrown home could he have held the runner at 2B?

Stassi? He did hold at 2B

Right, nevermind, the infographic lied to me. Or my eyes suck from 20 feet away, either or.


Well, that sucked

I just finished installing a safe in the wall.

Looks like the only way to get an out is to miss the bats.

Adell Ks swinging.
Villar walks.
The Prussian singles to CF, Villar to 3rd.
U.C.B. squeezes Villar home, Prussian to second, U.C.B. safe at first on FC.
Velazquez Ks swinging.
Ohtani triples to RF, Prussian and U.C.B. score.
Ward Ks swinging.

After 2.0, Angels lead 3-0.

You should have a painting of an ominous looking ancestor hanging in front of it.