Astros at A’s June 1, 2022

End of 1, 0-0. JV with 2 K’s. Tucker with a single T1.

I cringe each time I see an headline like today: “Verlander goes for the sweep”.

Less fans in the stands today than the 3,100 or so from yesterday. Yikes.

Oakland’s ownership is the real life “Major League”

No one in the Bay Area outside of Oakland cares about the A’s anymore, obviously, only a couple thou in Oakland give a shit.

Is the PA announcer Mickey Mouse?

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Anyone else disturbed by the paper towel commercial with the guy helping grandma make Tinder choices?

So, watching JV today is interesting. It’s clear he is still “retooling things” after his last outing (his words). While the results thru 2 are good, you can see he is actually trying stuff out. He’s much less in the strike zone vs. his first 8 starts and his velocity is up across the board. Quite the different pitcher than his first 8 games.

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All 2,000 A’s fans are booing Altuve. It’s quite pathetic sounding.

I bet MikeS was able to find a good seat for the game today.

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Siri, make “why the hell is Bregman still batting third?” my shortcut.

I have not even seen the end of the AB but he is so totally lost up there.

TK says there are “a number of guys who haven’t hit to their expectations in 2022”.

Other than Bregman and Gurriel, is that really true? And what do we see to give us confidence that will change?

He’s swinging down then up on everything. What’s that called? A hole in his swing? No wonder he’s popping everything up.

I was forecasting. Not exactly going on a limb.

Not the worst possible result.

Luck. Kemp bobbled.

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Good AB by Yordan. After waving through 3 sweeping sliders, he goes the other way with one on 1-2 for a single.

Man, Yordan is a stud. It’s so cool to see him modify his approach with 2 strikes.

Diaz flares one to CF, it drops and Bregman scores