Astros at a literal shithole, 7/25/22

Tucker gets the off day:

2B Altuve
SS Pena
DH Alvarez
3B Bregman
1B Gurriel
LF Diaz
RF McCormick
CF Meyers
C Lee
P Odorizzi

Having handily dispatched their two chief rivals, the Astros can now take the next three days off.

Um, BBGs, he’s clearly joking.

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Was a clown post, I’m sure

Who’s pitching for the A’s? For Chas’s sake, I hope it’s a lefty.

Oller- RHP

Peña goes deep to give the Astros a 1-0 lead

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Fuck you, blue.

Although that pitch was 4-inches down, it was also 4-inches wide of the plate.

Strike three to Bregman was a strike, however.

This is baseball, and anything can happen, but I wouldn’t bet on a standing room only crowd by the third inning.

That LF cameraman sure looked lonely.

The As dugout looks lonely.

They can’t justify playing at that stadium any longer.

Not enough room?

Are TK and Blummer broadcasting from a train yard?

Only if they’re lucky

Shit, Jake. You let Tony Kemp go yard?

I think they have drums because the As got rid of the organist.

Meyers didn’t get a great throw off.