Astros @ A's, September 8, 2020; Game 2

Bregman will not start; available to PH

Springer will DH (said he caught a spike while swinging for Yosemite in the 7th)

De Jong will start on the mound. So there’s that.

Straw batting 2nd.

Diaz, Toro, Garneau in the 7, 8, 9 spots in the lineup.

Is it possible to score negative runs?

Mike Minor vs Chase deJong.

Yes it feels like the score is -5 to 0.

Springer walk
Straw F8
Brantley 6-4-3 dp

F8, Kemp single to center, 5-4 FC, K

Must win game for the Astros. Chase de Jong starting. Myles Straw batting second.

Everyone else said the Astros must be punished more severely. I think the universe heard them.

Yuli F9

The Astros need to be willing to try and manufacture runs right now. Straw is fast and should be able to either try to bunt for a hit or sacrifice Springer to second and give the heart of the order a chance to drive him in with a single.

Analytics are great, but they don’t know everyrhing.

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Tucker 3U

Correa Ks swinging

K, K, F8

Diaz singles against the shift

Nice job by Diaz.

And a much better Stropoll.

Toro from the right side gets carved up on 3 pitches

Garneau Ks failing to not swing

Springer fails to hit a 15 run homer, Ks swinging

Single on an 0-2 hanging curve, F6, single to center, rbi SAC fly F9 (Kemp), single to center, homer to right

It’s 4-0

Why do I watch after saying I won’t watch?

top of the foul pole