Astros @ A's, September 10, 2020

nothing in the first

5 pitches.

Bregman popped out in foul territory. Canha made the catch almost tripping over one of the home plates in the RF bullpen.

TK: “that wasn’t a Canha corn.”

Urquidy pitching

La Stella F9

Semian F8

Laureano, my second least-favorite ex-Astro on the A’s, Ks swinging on 3 pitches

No score

Yuli first pitch F9

Tucker F8 (2 pitches)

Manaea: 11 pitches through 2 innings.

This is some 2013 bullshit.

Correa 5-3 (2 pitches)

That’s 11 pitches in 2 innings of work for Mannaea

the Astros road winning %age is 0.273, their lowest since 2012.

Olson 3U

Grossman F7; nice play drifting back by Brantley

Canha lines out to center

End 2

Reddick takes a couple of strikes, tower buzzed 1-2, Ks on a slider

Diaz first pitch 6-3

Maldonado takes 3 pitches 2-1, 2-2, grounds a CU 4-3 in the shift

Reddick and Maldonado seemed to be taking until they got to 2 strikes.

Still just 21 pitches thru 3 innings. As Blummer said beyond efficient.

He’s peppering the zone so effectively.

Some stuff happened that I missed that resulted in 2 outs.

Heim F8

Springer goes 3-0, lines out to left

Springer has smoked two outs.