Astros @ A's...May 20, 2021

Canha with a leadoff home run for the A’s…they lead 1-0 after two…

Straw leads off the T3 with a single

Off the bat I thought it had a chance for extra bases. Then I saw the LF circling and thought it was a can of corn. Then it dropped 5 feet in front of him. What the fuck was that?!

Machete with an RBI double!..



Altuve walks, two on, nobody out for Brantley…


Brantley singles to CF, Maldonado motors home, Altuve to 3B

Someone put out that fire trailing Machete down the line!

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Bregman singles to LCF, Altuve scores, Brantley to 2B


Alvarez strikes out swinging

3-1 Astros, T3, 1 out, btw.


Gurriel grounds into 5-3 double play

Astros score three…lead 3-1

Hey Todd, maybe shut the fuck up about how guys never strike out with 2 strikes and keep delivering up and down the lineup until the inning is over?

Jesus Christ, it’s like you were doing voiceover on a fail video.

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That fire fizzled quickly

Alvarez and Gurriel missed some very flat 90-mph fastballs in the zone.

Tony Kemp…yes THAT Tony Kemp hammers a 2-strike meatball over the RF wall

Jesus Fucking Christ, serve it the fuck up with 2 strikes.


Shaping up to be a real slobaknocka.

Kemp’s first home run since 2019

Garcia bounces back with a couple of strikeouts…after three…3-2 Astros