Astros @ A's, 7/8/2022

Altuve 2B
Diaz LF
Alvarez DH
Bregman 3B
Tucker RF
Gurriel 1B
Meyers CF
Dubon SS
Maldonado C

Urquidy P

I will not be doing PBP

Pena was taking ground balls earlier, said he had a stomach bug yesterday. I assume he’s available to PH and will be back in the lineup tomorrow.

Threw Altuve six straight balls off the plate for a strike out.

Geez, Blackburn can’t find the zip code of the strike zone, yet punches out the first two Astros

Good fucking grief, ump.

Looked like they were willing to walk Alverez too, if he would have let them.

Fuck. Blackburn punches out the side on 16 balls and two strikes

If only pitches within a foot of the plate were called strikes

The Astros and HPU didn’t give Blackburn much reason to throw strikes

Shiftfuck infield single

Was a very nice play by Altuve to make it close.

4-6-3 ends the first. No score

Yeah, he just doesn’t have the arm to make that throw

Popup Bregman. Yay.

Astros must have a plane to catch

Now Urquidy getting squeezed. Jeez

2-0 A’s

Well shit

Fucking Andrus

Hanging fastball right down the middle