Astros @ A's 5/25/2024

Alvarez DH
Meyers CF
McCormick LF
Dubon 1B



Altuve HBP
Tucker grounds into 3U double play
Alvarez grounds out 6-3

Quick 7-pitch inning

Announce you presence with authority!

1st pitch from Arreghetti goes to the backstop

And like that it’s 2-0 A’s, nobody out

Arrighetti is a fucking train wreck

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Arrighetti finally mixes in a few strikes. End of one…2-0 A’s

He let the only 3 people in the lineup who could hurt him, hurt him

Dubon with a 2-out single in the third, Astros first baserunner

Dubon swipes 2B

Middle of three…2-0 Oakland

End of three…2-0 still

How are we not hitting this mediocre guy?

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Yordan draws a 1-out walk

Middle of four…still 2-0

… other than the HBP to start it.

Forgot about him, as he didn’t last long.


Brown with an infield single as Dubon can’t handle a short hop
Brown takes 2B standing up. Actually he slid, but had already stood up on 2B before the throw got there

And Arrighetti proceeds to strike out the next three

2-0 after four

One minute this guy can’t find the plate with a map and a flashlight and the next minute he looks like a 20 game winner.

End of five…2-0 still.