Astros @ A's, 5/18/21

Seriously, WTF with no game thread? Bad voodoo.

Javier has given up 3 solo jacks. Stros have scored on a Yordan 2R double and a Tucker bomb.

3-3 top 7


Javier is so motherfucking frustrating to watch.


And Uncle Mike comes through…just like clockwork, the swallows returning to Capestrano, all that bullshit, etc…

5-3 Stros to the bottom 7

21-pitch inning for Brandon Smith, while giving up 2 runs!
Good night!

Dammit Enoli

The talking didn’t help.

Next pitch lined into CF for a single. 1st/2nd, no outs.

K! Now a dp please

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Jesus Fucking Christ Enoli, fucking awful.

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Kemp walks to load bases. 1 out. Scrubb in

That was fucking worthless. Scrubb it is, no pressure.

Sac fly. 5-4 2 out

Was that a “pretty good throw by Straw”?

I know he had no shot at the runner, but, the throw, cutoff man and all?

Wild pitch puts runners 2nd and 3rd.

Fly out to Tucker ends threat

Correa beats out the infield hit.

Ugh. Tucker gidp to pitcher

Straw pops to short.

Stanek in for bot 8

Stanek getting rawdogged by the HPU.

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Laureano 4pitch walk (ball 2 was a strike)