Astros @ Arlington, September 15, 2021

Good grief.


This is fucking absurd.


A really great idea since Brantley is already out of line up.

Apparently, it is too much to ask to stagger off days so two big bats (three when you factor in an injured Brantley) are not out of the lineup at the same time. This is not the first time this season, either.

You’d think they were eligible for independent living nursing facilities to see these off days.

Why are you worried? They scored 15 runs Monday.

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You have 2 guys who can play 3 of the 4 IF positions (1 of whom can play SS too) and corner OF.

Your 2 CFers can take turns and your DH can play LF…

Makes no sense to double up like that AFTER YOU LAID AN EGG AGAINST A SHITTY TEAM AGAIN!.

This team should be sitting at 94 wins right now.

You guys ready to lose to a team with 4 batters under .210!?

Leadoff walk, stolen base, TE2…Rangers have runner at 3B, one out…


2-run shibby!

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Was thinking Meyers needs to do something, and he did.


Back to back!

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Marwin says “fuck you, GZ.”

Jesus, Marwin unloaded on that one.

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Frustration. Frustration with us.

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As a LH hitter too.

Diaz’ throw was Carlosesque.

A Zero!

How about that, sports fans, Urquidy does not immediately give runs back. What is the word coming to.

After two…3-0 Astros.

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Top of the order not putting up much of a fight.