Astros @ Arizona, September 30, 2023

Win and you’re in. Nuff said.

And back to 0-0 like everyone else

It’s business. It’s business time.


I’m wearing my socks, that’s how you know it’s business time.

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I’m brushing my teeth.

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Got the Third Man in hand, cigar lit. I think it’s the same cigar from last night. Wearing the same Astros shirt.

Really need the same JV we saw in Seattle.

First pitch, Altuve hits a screamer to LF and is thoroughly robbed on a leaping catch

Bregman grounds out 6-3

Alvarez flies out

Astros down quickly on 7 pitches

That was a very nice play.


Dubon shaky in CF, but makes the play

Texas up 4-0 bottom 3

Castillo has given up 4 2-out runs in the 3rd.

About to be at 80 pitches.

Walk loads the bases for Arlington.

Servais to the pen.

2-out walk to Pham

Tommy Pham is solidly in the top 10 of most dislikable baseball player.

Walker down on strikes

No score after one

Do not join his fantasy league.

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Tucker battles the count full…takes one on the outside corner