Astros @ Angels, September 23, 2021

Let’s wrap up a W before midnight.

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Cobb is the Halos starter.

Altuve grounds out 5-3.

Mayfield fielded it with the bare hand.

Mainly I want a win but also a three hour and 19 minute game or less if that’s not too much for ask for.

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The OF tonight is Siri/Meyers/Chas

Siri F7

Bregman F8

Altuve with a nice pick/throw to get the wooly mammoth 4-3

Ohtani frozen on a 3-2 pitch.

Gosselin 0-2, then 2-2, grounds out 4-3

End 1

Tucker grounds out 3-1. Nice play by Walsh on the line.

Yuli dotted up for a K

Correa F9

Mid 2

Walsh 4-3

Mayfield lines out to LF

Rojas 0-2, grounds out 5-3 (shifted to SS position)

End 2

Chas Ks swinging

Meyers F8

I probably shouldn’t read anything into the fact that Alvarez isn’t in the lineup, right?

Machete works a full count but pops out to second.

Mid 3

Suzuki 5-3