Astros @ Angels, September 22, 20211

Janson Junk vs Luis Garcia

OF: Alvarez, Meyers, McCormick
C: Castro
DH: Tucker

Killing time I tuned in to Arlington/FTY.

Rangers came in to the 6th up 3-2. 1 out walks to Judge/Stanton. Pitching change, another walk to Gallo. Strikeout. Wild pitch on a crossup, tie game. Strikeout.

True outcomes, baby.

Such thrilling baseball…

Hard not to root for a pitcher named Junk.

They need another one named Stuff.

Indeed they do! Then Meat to round it out.

Leadoff walk for Altuve.

The one strike in the AB was borderline.

The scouting report is FB/sliders to righties, FB/Curve to lefties.

Bergman’s mustache is not so great.

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Bregman hits a hanger just shy of the track in left.

Altuve steals second.

Alvarez CRUSHES a ball to center.


116off the bat.

456 feet.


First, is that pitcher’s name really “Junk”?

Secondly…holy fuck, Alvarez crushed that

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The game I was at that park Gallo hit one right there to CF.

Holy shit. So, watching the game but listening to the radio guys, and the radio is a second ahead of the feed, and I heard THE SHIT out of that contact before seeing it. Whoa!

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2 out knock for Tucker.

Whoo boy that Alvarez hit was smashed!

According to that graphic Alvarez at 87 years old is just behind Cesar Cedeno, who had 100 RBI at the tender age of 216 or something.

Yeah they didn’t get their columns straight there.

Correa grounds out 4-3.

Mid 1
2-0 Astros