Astros @ Angels, May 9, 2023

Framber on the hill.

Can we get off our dicks tonight? Pretty please?

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Looks like the zone is nose to toes tonight. Because Ohtani needs all the help he can get.

Yordan draws a 2-out walk

Breggy basically turned around as said “so that’s how it’s gonna be, eh?”

Abreu, who now starts every at bat 0-2, chops out weakly to 3B

No score

Abreu’s plate to first time can be measured with a calendar.

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Someone needs to pull Dusty aside and jerk a knot in his ass about still trotting Abreu out there in the top half of the order. Abreu needs to sit a day and when he comes back, he bats 7th or 8th.

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He looks lazy as shit to me…and I was a fan of his signing. I keep saying be patient and he’ll turn it around but I’m running out of patience with him and Dusty.

That’s because it is so often the third out, and he is waiting for someone to bring him his glove.

Framber with a 1-2-3 first

I don’t know why tweets aren’t embedding, must be some Elon fuckery. Anyway, Brantley has stopped hitting but don’t worry, it’s not a setback.

Michael Brantley has stopped hitting, Dusty Baker said. Baker said it’s unclear when he’ll return and he said it is not a setback.

Holy sweet fuck, ump!

“Strike” one to Peña was literally three feet off the plate

Astros look silly in the second. Julks reaches on a strikeout so far off the plate the catcher can’t reach it.

Julks was most fortunate.

Julks swipes 2B

Ohtani strikes out three, but not the side

So with the new pitch timer rules, if a pitcher strikes out the side on nine pitches, but gets an automatic ball, is it still an “immaculate inning”? What do you call it if he strikes out the side on say…six pitches?

1-2-3 second for Framber

No score