Astros @ Angels, May 8, 2023

Bregman singles, but is stranded in the first.

Nice grab Chas.

Work on the landing.

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Welcome back, Chas.

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Good to see you again.


I’ll take it

Now the “Kotter” theme song is stuck in my head


Ward with a leadoff single,
Trout lines out on a nice play by Chas,
Ohtani flies to shallow LF,
Rendon at the plate, Ward gunned down trying to steal 2B

No score

Man, don’t fuck with Diaz.

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Diaz has a rail gun attached to his shoulder.

The day will come when people stop fucking with Diaz.

But not this day.


I did not know before the season how good Diaz’s arm is.

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That’s John Sebastian, you know. John Sebastian’s awesome.

Do they not have cable in California? Do not run on this guy.

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I’m not sure anyone did.

He didn’t come out clean and still got him.

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the hose knows

Boy, me neither. Everyone talked about him like a DH in waiting.


slow as shit…and still a bullet

I was always a fan of The Lovin’ Spoonful.


Tucker has fouled off three pitches tha5 would have hit him in the nuts

Catcher cost them the K.

For now.