Astros @ Angels, July 14, 2022

Altuve drilled in the knee on the first pitch of the game.

Peña walks, Altuve to 2B

Bregman singles to LF, Altuve limps into 3B, Peña to 2B

Bases juiced for Tucker…singles to LF, Altuve scores

Hopefully they were embarrassed by last night’s effort and want to atone for it tonight.

Bases still drunk for Gurriel…quickly down 0-2 hacking at pitches in his eyes…continues to hack, fouling off pitches in his eyes…1-2…more hacking at pitches that would otherwise hit him in the face…pops out F4 on about ball six

Diaz…not hacking…grounds into 3-6 FC, but stays out of the double play…Peña scores

Well, that was fugly

Meyers, runners on the corners, two out…pitcher can’t hit the side of a fucking barn, but the Astros try a double steal, Bregman caught stealing home, score it 2-4-5-2

What a dick stomp. Still, Astros lead 2-0

It’s the first fucking inning. Let them swing the bats. It’s not like Bregman is Rickey Henderson and will outrun a rundown.

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Didn’t even have to swing the bat to have a 4-0 lead right now.

Altuve out

Dubon in for Altuve, as Framber shows off new weave.

After two quick groundouts, Ward reaches on a shiftfuck single to SS

Need to go “Untouchables” on them: you take out one of our guys, we take out one of yours.

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They send one of your guys to the day to day, you send one of theirs to the IL?


Rengifo with a shiftfuck popup single to RF, Angels on the corners

Adell strikes out swinging.

We’ve played one…2-0 Astros

Meyers pops out
Siri caught looking

Maldonado with a 2-out single