Astros @ Angels, August 2, 2020


James struggling with command, but manages to strand a pair

No score


Brantley draws a leadoff walk


Brantley to 2B on a wild pitch…Gurriel walks

Two on, nobody out


Reddick…full count…walks to load the bases

Let’s do some good here

call me a pessimist.


Tucker takes a ball off the plate…hacking at a pitch that almost hits his back foot…takes ball two…foul to even the count…whiffs at ball five two feet off the plate

Tucker says “fuck that taking pitches shit”


Mayfield starts hacking at pitches in dirt, immediately 0-2…fouls off ball three…fouls off ball four…takes ball five to make it 1-2…takes strike three down the middle.

This is fucking depressing

Or someone who’s been paying attention

Astros rely on the pitcher to walk 4 batters and a blind ump to score. sad.


Garneau…3-1…3-2…walks, Brantley scores, Gurriel to 3B, Reddick to 2B


F’ing lucky.

That was strike 3.

He needs to throw better strikes.

Ohtani got fucked on that 3-2 pitch to Garneau.



Springer…3-1…walks, Gurriel scores, Reddick to 3B, Garneau to 2B

2-0 Astros as that’s it for Ohtani.

He was all over the place that inning. That 3–2 pitch was in the zone, but missed his spot big time. You’re simply not going to get those pitches when you can’t hit the side of a barn.

We of course are grateful and remain humble as we accept our baseball blessings.

It also didn’t help that Stassi framed it really deep and put it way inside instead of bringing it back to the zone. The pitch tracker showed it as a strike, but to the naked eye and on tv it looked pretty inside.