Astros @ Angels, August 15, 2021

No score after one.

Had an adventure at first base in both halves. Altuve was called out when he tried to bunt his way on and forgot to run in the runner’s lane and interfered with the throw to first. In the bottom half, Ohtani hit a grounder to Yuli who ballooned the throw to Lance who couldn’t come down on the bag.

Bullshit hit for Ohtani on a clear E3

Agree. An average toss from Yuli and he’s out.

That was a good AB from Jake.


Strike 3 for ball 2.


Lance got royalty fucked there.

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And a bloop single to center.

Strikeout followed by HBP.

Classic Lance arm side leak.

Nasty slider gets Suziki.

1-2 WP advances the runners.

Geez, were they just gonna let Maldonado run into the dugout?

Fuck, Lance.

Mayfield walks. Ridiculous after getting ahead.

Fuck, Lance. Will you ever get any better?

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0-2 on the 9 hitter and can’t throw a fucking strike. Now Ohtani with the bases loaded.

Completely inexcusable.

Thanks blue.

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There’s Lance in a nutshell.


Wildly inconsistent

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