Astros @ Angels, August 14, 2021

Leadoff homer for Ohtani

You’re in good company, Luis.

Shake it off.

Not his best changeup

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Single/stolen base by Fletcher.

Still no outs.

RBI single.


Get your shit together, Luis.

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Stassi batting cleanup.

Blummer tactfully pointing out that the Angels lineup drops off quickly after the 3rd spot.

6-4-3 helps.

I’m actually pretty shocked Stassi has turned into a good hitter.

Solid .283 BA (50 points higher than career avg) and 10 homers despite missing a lot of games.

Yordan and Díaz spank singles.

He did the same last year, again in limited time.

Need to get on the board here, guys


Flyball and 5-4-3.

Marks tried to help out and let Yuli’s ball get over his head, but no

Full count and a hard hit single.

Locate your FB, Luis.

This game is going to last forever.

Stolen base puts runner on 2nd with no outs.

Has anyone ever seen Tucker and Yuli on the field at the same time? How do I know they’re not the same person?

What a catch

Hell of a catch by the LF