Astros @ Angels, April 5, 2021


Altuve with an infield single

Gurriel singles to RF, Altuve to 2B

Bergman singles to LF. Altuve scores, Gurriel to 2B

Alvarez grounds into 5-4 FC, Gurriel to 3B

Correa singles to LF, Gurriel scores, Alvarez to 2B

Tucker batting with two on, one out…

Not on TV?


Tucker…3-2…grounds out 3U, Alvarez to 3B, Correa to 2B

I’m watching it


ATTHouston. Same as always.

On my TV on ATTSPORTSNET… check the alternate attsportsnet channel might be there due to Rockets

Fucking umps.

It might be on the alternate ATTSportsnet because of the Rockets game

Ugly way to score, but I’ll take it.


Diaz strikes out swinging, but Suzuki whiffs on the pitch…Diaz reaches 1B and Alvarez scores. Assume that’ll be a passed ball


Straw grounds into 6-4 FC

3-0 Astros

Baylor is up 35-18 on Gonzaga with under 6 minutes in the half.

On a side note, Baylor is beating the living shit out of Gonzaga.

Fletcher is a one of the top two or three utility guys.

He was a tough out last year.

I don’t know he might be their everyday 2nd baseman this year.


Trout draws a 2-out walk. He does that a lot.


Garcia strikes out Rendon to end the 1st

Just getting here. The first episode of the Hemingway documentary was fine, and true. A kingfisher flew down the river.

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