Astros @ Anaheim, 7/15/2023

Dubón 2B
Peña SS
Tucker RF
Bregman 3B
Abreu 1B
Julks LF
Diaz DH
Maldonado C

Framber vs Reid Detmers

This lineup’s going to mash.

At least it’s got Peña in the 2 hole.

Dubon leads off with an infield single, but is caught stealing as the Astros can’t put anything together.

Angels coming to bat

Holy fuck…Corey Blazer has lost his fucking mind.

Jeezus blue!

0-2 pitch right down the fucking middle

And now it’s a double. Fuck you ump!

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Fuck! That was strike fucking 3 and now it’s a man in scoring position.

How the literal fuck can a MLB umpire miss that pitch?

Hard to think anyone would see that as out of the zone. It wasn’t even close.

stropoll…Koufax without question.

The robo-ump challenge system would come in handy for situations like this.

It’s baffling. For an organization as concerned about their image as MLB professes to be, they sure put up with a remarkable degree of incompetence from their umpires.

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Julks with a 2-out double

It’s going to be a long HPU night, man.

Man Diaz is lost against lefties

That was a good pitch though.

Diaz goes down swinging at ball 6