Astros @ A’s, September 7, 2020

Well, it doesn’t get any easier. Need a win


Astros on the corners, two out…

Rickey Henderson field looks nice, too bad it’s in a shithole of a stadium.

Tucker grounds out to end the inning

No score

Chapman missing at least part of the series with a sore hip.

It looks nice until the first foul ball reminds you there’s a soccer pitch between the baselines and the dugouts.


After two quick outs, a four pitch, two out walk

Javier works around the walk. No score after one

Lots of Tony Kemp thus far.


Toro with a 2-out single…left handed even.

I believe that’s hits in consecutive ABs for Toro.

Garneau strikes out to end the inning.

Still no score.

HPU is just guessing.

Jesus that’s awful.


Grossman, who apparently is the greatest hitter in history, leads off with a single

Javier struggling with command

Grossman easily takes 2B on Garneau

Garneau is pedestrian at best.

He’s a noodle arm

More Kemp