Astros @ A’s, May 30, 2022 Memorial Day

My neighbor is throwing a party and has the tunes blasting. Alex Bregman is hit with a 2-out pitch, sponsored by Asia’s “Heat of the Moment”.

Alvarez down on strikes. No score after the first half inning.

1-2-3 first for Framber

I’ve been shot through the heart, and the Astros at bats that inning are to blame. It gave love a bad name.

Middle of two…no score.

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It always takes me by surprise when reminded that CB Bucknor is a crew chief.

They give me
a migraine



Framber issues a leadoff walk. But the really bad news is that I’m out of orgeat.

End of two…still 0-0, but this Purple Haze is all in my brain.

I’m actin funny and I don’t know why
Scuse me while I eat this fly

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Siri with a leadoff triple into the LF corner!

Siri now just a single a double and a home run short of the cycle.

Machete whiffs, Altuve follows looking even worse on a pitch over his head.

Wasted lead off triple…

Leadoff triple wasted as the Astros can’t manage to put another ball in play.

No score.

Squeeze or something, no excuse for not getting Siri home.

Looks like the home run is the Astros’ only chance to score a run today.

I have to suffer through listening to the A’s broadcast. It’s not nearly as bad without Ray Fosse (RIP), but goddamn this ain’t fun.

We’ve played three…no score


Upper tank!

Atta boy!