Astros @ A’s, May 27, 2023

Peña with a 2-run homer in the first

Middle of two…2-0 Astros

Laureano with a leadoff double, takes 3B standing up without a throw as Framber never even looks at him and scores on a sac fly. 2-1 after two


Walk, single, two A’s on, nobody out…

Framber needs to stop playing with his food.

Astros getting carved up by Hogan Harris in the T4.
No me gusta.

We’ve played four…2-1 Astros

Nice 1-2-3 B4 for Framboise.

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4 pitch walk followed by a clock violation.


River Bottom McGee strikes out again.

Tying run on 3rd…

And a walk loads the bases


A’s with bases loaded, two outs…

Grounder to 1B, Abreu kicks it, recovers, flips backwards to Framber covering and nips the runner who decided to slide in order to slow down. Got a break there

Still 2-1

Heck of a recovery.

“I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.”

Framber ain’t sharp but he always battles.

Some runs here would be appreciated.

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So, Hogan Harris starts off with a 126.0 ERA and the Astros aren’t able to capitalize?

Swinging at his slop shit ain’t gonna help them none.

Don’t know if it was Kotsay’s plan to pull Pruitt but he seems to have pressed the right button.

Way to go Framber