Astros @ A’s, May 26, 2024

Rubber match. Whats say we swing the bats today.

Altuve starts it off with a leadoff single

Tucker grounds into 6U-3 double play

Alvarez grounds out 3-1

Astros go quickly on 10 pitches. No score.

Blanco with a quick 1-2-3 first. No score.

Bregman with a leadoff single.

Peña singles up the middle. Two on for Singleton…

Singleton grounds into 4-6-3 double play on the first pitch

Meyers grounds out 6-3

Astros get two hits in the inning, but go down on nine pitches.

No score.

Brown with a 1-out single

Blanco strikes out the side on nine pitches…wrapped around the single.

No score after two.

Ronel is not fooling around.

Dubon with a 1-out single

Altuve lines back up the middle, Brooks’s knocks it down and throws him out. Dubon to 2B

Tucker walks, two on, two out for Alvarez…

Yordan with an infield single loads the bases

Juiced for Bregman…

And Bregman strikes out swinging

Astros leave the bases loaded.

No score


When you insist on batting the worst hitter on the team cleanup…