Astros @ A’s, May 26, 2023

Maybe a run or two can be scored this weekend. Baby steps.

Altuve leads off with a single, but Dubon strikes out and Alvarez grounds into a double play

Astros now at 20 innings without a run.

Oakland hasn’t thrown a shutout this season, so somebody’s streak is gonna end tonight.

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Ruiz chops a single on the first pitch and immediately swipes 2B

This Tidal Basin Jones character is annoyingly fast.

Astros bring the infield in. In the first inning. Against the A’s. That tells you what they think they can muster offensively.

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Through one…no score

That was a weird decision. Glad it worked but a weird decision nonetheless

Nice play by Abreu.

Giving up one run may well doom their chances for a draw.

Bregman and Tucker with singles…two on, nobody out for Abreu…

Interesting lineup tonight. Dusty trying something different.

Good baserunning.

Abreu hit it pretty good.

Abreu flies out to deep LF, but both runners advance…two RISP for Julks


A good, productive AB…

Nicely done Julks

Julks singles, Bregman scores and the Astros are off the schneid

I’ve always thought left handlers have the prettiest swings. Julks however has a beautiful swing from the right side when he tags it.

Meyers lines out…still two on, two out for Maldonado…