Astros @ A’s, May 24, 2024


2-base E6, HBP, and single on three consecutive pitches gives makes it 1-0 A ‘s

First time in 16 games the A’s have scored first in a game.

This team can’t look at Stripling’s record and think that they have an easy win. They have to attack. Bregman did not.

Astros get meekly in the second. 1-0 A’s

JV gets strikeout 3,371, tying Greg Maddux for 10th place all time.

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And 3,372 end the 2nd

1-0 A’s

Astros down on nine pitches in the third…1-0 A’s

Stripling at 29 pitches through three.
Not a murmur of protest from the Astros.

Rome says Urquidy left his rehab start with forearm discomfort. Might as well schedule the TJS.

Just throwing this out there: Altuve is .214/.250/.298 with 3 extra base hits this month.

Altuve beats out a slow chopper for the Astros first hit/base runner.

Tucker with an excuse me check swing 40-ft single.

Let’s just fix this right now.

Yordan with a double in the LCF gap, Altuve scores, Tucker inexplicably held at 3B

Christy Mathewson has left the building.

Bregman…3-0…foul…single up the middle, Tucker scores, Alvarez scores

Amazing what a couple of infield hits can do

Peña grounds into 5-4 FC

TK needs to stop saying Abreu is on “rehab” assignment. He was demoted.

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Singleton with another single