Astros @ A’s, July 9, 2022

Altuve gets things started with a lead off walk

Sac bunt
Fly out
Fly out

Altuve stranded in scoring position.

No score

Great, a pitcher we’ve never seen before. Prepare for a no-hitter.

Laureano hit by pitch
Murphy doubles

A’s at 2B and 3B, two out

Andrus bounces out, no score after one

Good work by Framber to get out of the jam.

Yuli, with his pocket back inside out, with an infield single

Diaz doubles off the LCF wall, Yuli to 3B

McCormick singles to RF, Gurriel scores, Diaz to 3B

Chas continues to murder LHP


Maldy dribbles one to 1B, Diaz scores, McCormick to 2B

65’ crusher for the RBI.

Altuve F7

2-0 Astros

Nice inning by the bottom of the order

“Third basemen since June 17”

Boy are we picking some narrow search parameters.


If my name was Skye Bolt, I’d grow a better mustache.


Alright Framber…

Single, walk, single…A’s with the bases juiced, nobody out


Maldy didn’t even try to make the tag!