Astros @ A’s, April 3, 2021

Astros get run in the top of the 1st, but a GIDP kills the rally.

Lance is nowhere near the strike zone

Thank you, Chapman.

When should someone start warming up?

when Lance is at around 90-100 pitches. It’s game 3.

That’s better.

Both teams left opportunities in the first. Lance was a mess.

Dammit. Brantley lifted for a pinch hitter after being hit by a pitch on the wrist in the 1st.

Brantley pulled with bases loaded. Not good.

Fingers crossed it’s just precautionary

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Correa. McCullers. Brantley. 5 LOB. Awful 1 1/2 innings - leading but it sure hasn’t been fun.

MUCH better inning by Lance. Efficient.

That is the Lance we need this season

Fuck, Carlos. Run! You might have been safe.

Just came here to say that.

That’s the way to attack that shift.

Great minds

Watching the bobble, I told myself, “He’s safe.” Then he was out by 2 steps.

The Cadillac cruise

“I’m gonna show all my suitors that I can lollygag with the best of 'em.”