Astros @ A’s, 5/19/21

Astros up 2-0 in the first after the Altuve leadoff dinger and a walk (Bregman), single (Yuli) and single (Correa).

Nice of Altuve to shut up those soon to be Las Vegas a’s fans on the 1st pitch.


Altuve now .411/.485/.636 during his 13-gamer.

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2 innings, 2 hits for Jose.

Well it’s higher now after that single just now in the 2nd inning.

I’m not sure that last pitch from Montas even made it to the dirt.

Check out the linescore in Arlington.

Go ahead and say it. Either way it’s good: either the Rangers or Yankees get screwed.


You are fucking kidding me.

3 up 3 down for Arlington in the 8th.

Kluber on the bump. At least that makes some sense.

I like seeing Montas have to throw a lot of pitches.

The deliciously painful aspect to this for Arlington is Kluber pitched 1 inning for them last season before he was injured.


Uncle Mike is pretty good at baseball.

They keep talking about him as an “ex-Ranger”. He’s not a fucking ex-Ranger. He’s an ex-Indian. He spent essentially no time as a Ranger. Fucking hangers-on.


Astros still up 2-0 heading to B2.

Don’t hit it to that guy.

Headed to the bottom of the 9th in Arlington

Pair of 2 out base hits for the As in B2 scores a run. 2-1 Astros heading to T3.

Kluber completes the no hitter.

9Ks, 1 BB.

2 hard hit outs in the 9th, 3rd out was a routine grounder to 2nd.