Astros @ A’s, 22 Jul 23

Kessinger - 2B - single
Pena - SS - GIDP
Tucker - double to RF
Bregman - GO to 3rd
McCormick - LF
Julks - DH
Meyers - CF
Maldy - C

Box 1st - no score

Kemp - LF
Geiof - 2B
Bieday - CF
Brown - 1B
Thomas - RF
Peterson - 3B
Soderstrom - DH
Langeliers - C
Allen - SS

Top 1st
Kessinger single to 1B
Pina (Kessinger not running) GIDP
Tuck double to RF
Breg GO to 3rd

Bot 1st
Kemp LO to CF
Geior Pop to SS
Brown FO to CF

No score

Some day the Astros will play a game without batting into a double play.

Top 2nd, no score

Abreu GO 1st
Chas BB (SB on 2-2 count)
Julks K
Meyers (3-0, BB; two on; 2 out)
Maldy GO to short

Bot 2nd, no score
Pitch count - Blackburn 32-15; Javier 12-5
RISP - Astros 0 for 3…

But today is not that day.

I can dream …

Bot 2nd, no score

Thomas K on 3 pitches
Peterson (full count, foul) BB
Peterson picked off??
Oakland loses their challenge, as Javier stays warm - out 2
Soderstrom (2-2 count, 2 fb, FB, called K) 3 outs

Top of 3rd no score

Top of 4th no score
Javier 29-16

Kessinger (K foul tip) 1 out
Pena grounder to SS, Brown nix makes pick, 1 on
Tuck (2-1, GO to 2B as Pena advances) 2 outs
Bregs Fly to RF

Bot 4th no score
RISP - Astros 0 for 4…

Someone pls take over PBP.

Abreu down 0-2, takes a few balls, flicks one to shallow center, 2B makes a diving attempt and it goes off his glove for a single.

Chas up with a runner on first and no outs, strike down the pipe, curve up 1-1, grounded to 3rd, fired to 2nd base for one and the 2B launches it in to the Astros dugout 10 feet over the 1B’s head. Chas to 2nd, 1 out. Booth speculating the 2b landed on his shoulder and may be a little dinged up.

Julkes takes a bouncing curve, wide ball 2, low and away, 3-0, swinging 3-0, flies to right and caught on the foul line. Chas tags and advances to 3rd. That was a shitty swing at a 3-0 pitch. 2 outs.

Myers takes strike one on the outside corner, takes one on the inside corner, strike 2, fouls off a breaking ball. Checks his swing on a ball way outside, 1-2. Low and away, 2-2. Swings through a curve on the outside corner, ponche.

Mid 4, 0-0.

One of my Dusty pet peeves:

Just because the normal 2B bats leadoff doesn’t mean his sub has to bat leadoff.

Offense now please

Bottom 4

2-3-4 for Oakland due

Gelof takes a bouncing breaking ball, same pitch, 2-0. A mile behind a fastball, 2-1. Way low, 3-1. Outside, ball 4. Fucking Javier, QUIT FUCKING NIBBLING.

Runner on 1st, no outs for Bleday. Way inside, 1-0. Apparently Javier leads the lead in WORST first pitch strike percentage, for the 2nd year in a row. Swings at a pitch that bounces, 1-1. Thank you. Pickoff attempt, not close. Fastball up runner on the go and Machete cuts him down at 2nd! A’s don’t have a challenge left use. On replay, looks like he might’ve been safe. Breaking ball outside, not close, 3-1. Swings through a fastball, 3-2. Misses outside by quite a bit. Javier is fucking brutal right now.

1 out and a runner on 1st for Brown. Swings through a change, Swings through another, 0-2. Brown takes his TO. High heat and he’s a mile behind it, ponche!

2 outs, runner on 1st for Thomas who takes a ball way up and out, ball 1. Way outside, fucking come on Javier. Figure it the fuck out. 2-0 pitch fouled back, another change up. 2-1 fastball popped out to shallow center, Myers under it and makes the catch.

End 4.


Man, I hate it when the Astros go 4 innings without scoring against the A’s.

Someone is going to have to get a two-out hit. I’m not optimistic.

Top 5

Astros sucking as usual against an absolutely mediocre pitcher with a 5 ERA.

Maldy takes a fastball on the outside corner, takes one off the corner. 1-1 pitch Swings over a curve, 1-2. Fouls back a curve. Swings over a shin high fastball. Fucking christ, Maldy. 1 out.

1 out, nobody on for Kessinger, takes a ball up. Fouls off a curve that hits the Langoliers somewhere near the cup area. He’s okay, though. 1-1 pitch slapped to 2nd, 4-3 for the 2nd out.

2 outs for Pena takes a ball, low and out. Jesus fucking Christ, this guy’s July ERA is over 10, and is blanking the Astros. Fucking brutal. 2-0 takes a super awkward swing and pops foul over the Astros dugout. What in the fuck was that? Pena lost the bat entirely on that swing. 2-1 grounded down the 3rd base line, nice pick and throw on a hop gets Pena by half a step. 3 outs.

Astros continue looking like absolute dogshit against a fucking terrible pitcher on a terrible team.

Mid 5

Why can’t the Astros clobber this guy?

Bottom 5

Peterson takes a pitch on the outside corner, flies the next pitch to deep left center. Myers under it, 1 out.

1 out, nobody on for Soderstrom, fouls back strike 1, takes a ball up, Fouls back a fastball on the outside corner, 58 footer ball, 2-2 takes a curve at the top of the zone, ponche!

2 outs, nobody on for Langeliers, ball 1, ball 2, swings at a high fastball and hits it a mile in the air… and foul in the seats past 3rd base, 2-1. Curve, up, 3-1. Bounced a breaking ball, not even close. Walk.

2 outs, runner on first for Allen. Takes a fastball just off the outside corner. That was a good looking pitch. 1-0 Swings through a fastball, 1-1. Way outside, ball 2. Same pitch, Allen fouls it off, 2-2.Takes a fastball up, 3-2. So help me god, if he misses the zone badly with this pitch… Top of the zone fastball hit hard to center, Myers is back and under it. 3 outs.

Javier has walked FIVE through 5 innings.

End 5


Javier’s results are better than his pitching tonight. I’m not sure I’d trust him with another inning.

He’s had some swings and misses on the FB.

But those walks.

Whatever it is he’s working thru ain’t fixed just yet.