Astros 2020 HoF Class

… includes Cedar Cedeño.

Deserving. But brace for impact.

The Astros seem to have a pretty low standard for their “Hall of Fame”. But I agree, this will not play well with the media, so…

like stand in line for the media not playin well with the astros

He and Dierker were my two favorite players growing up. But Cesar didn’t do it at a high enough level for a sufficient period of time. He was never the same after the death incident.

Wait till Cammy’s name comes up …

This is the Astros HOF, not Cooperstown. Cedeno certainly should be in.

Coach, you make a great point. Cedeno should be in the Astros HOF.

Cammy accomplished enough in Houston to be brought up as soon as next year.

I support Cedeno’s induction. My point related to public relations.

I remember Cammy’s first game, and then the next one. He can go into the Stros HOF on that alone.

I remember a ball going up his glove arm, over his shoulder, and onto his throwing arm, and then gunning the runner out. I think that happened in his first week up. After that, there was no way you couldn’t watch every ball hit his direction.