A's at Astros, May 16, 2024

Javier’s 4-seam is sitting at 87-92mph in the first. I am in South Africa this week and can’t see the game, only GZ + At Bat. Isn’t that waaaaaaay below his norm?

I feel like he usually tops out at 93-94. But I don’t have any evidence currently.

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His FB is 90-93 so far, not sure where the 87 came from

Also, Yordan and Bregman had a couple of crapass ABs in the 1st after Altuve and Tucker singled

eta: I didn’t have the game on yet, but here’s Tucker’s drive off the RF wall in the 1st, that went from a DP to a single after the Stros challenged

Anybody else with Xfinity in Houston have no Space City Home Network at the moment? Hell of a storm just came through so maybe that’s the reason. almost an inch and a half of rain in about 45 minutes in Sugar Land.

Some stuff happened, then Singleton worked a 3-2 2-out walk to load the bases

Yainer hits a gapper to LCF to clear the bases

Meyers follows with a 2B to LF to plate Diaz

Loperfido gets his 1st MLB HR a couple of rows deep in RF

Proper 2-out vaunting. 6-0 Astros end of 3

Is that the only channel that’s out?

I live near Hwy 6 and I-10 in West Houston. Power went out at 6 pm and has yet to return to my house. After the storm subsided around 7:15, we went out to dinner, which is where we are now.

Yep. One channel down Hannity spewing lies

I have no idea of the process to get the broadcast from the production truck to the television. Might be a faulty fetzer valve somewhere.

Tucker 1B, Bregman 2B, Pena SF RBI and a Balk plate 2 more.

8-0 Stros after 4

I know for a FACT that inclement weather does not affect dish based television systems.

Good pitching and timely hitting might be some kind of success formula.



Not sure what they do when Chas comes back

Jake and Joey have done their jobs at the bottom of the order.

HBP, BB, BB loads the bases for Tucker with 1 out

…and he promptly GIDP

Fuck, a double play ends the inning with 3 Lobsters.

Jake, Joey, and Chas all in the outfield. One may be on the market soon. I hope not, because I could see Joey at 6’3" become a first baseman.

It just depends what they get in return.

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Buy one of them a 1st baseman’s mitt.