A's at Astros 9/12

I fucking hate this team at home.

Well, this game is over before it starts.

Turn game on, watch ball hit train tracks. 3-0 A’s

Middle of one…3-0 A’s

O/U .5 runs tonight?

Wake up, Astros. You are letting the A’s beat the crap out of you.

I’m taking the under. I’ll be shocked if the Astros score today or tomorrow.

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You throw 94 down the middle, that’s what happens.

This A’s team is the worst in baseball since the ‘61 Phillies. And they’re beating the shit out of this Astros team.

At least they have the “defense” lineup tonight

Altuve with a leadoff single, Alvarez with a bunt single

Yordan bunts for a hit in the shift.

I hope that’s not the highlight of the night

Bregman…3-0…walks to load the bases

It better fucking not be. The Astros need to pull their heads out of their asses and win this game.

Juiced with one out for Tucker…

And Tucker grounds into FC. Altuve scores

Two on, two out for Abreu…

Abreu carved the fuck up.

Astros leave a pair in scoring position, but manage to avoid a shutout. 3-1 A’s