A's @ Astros, September 17, 2022

Astros drop 4 on Oakland’s pumpkin head in the 1st.

Diaz, Tucker, Mancini all homered.


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Urquidy promptly gives one back (Kemp tripled to right, scored on a sac fly. I didn’t see the play, but Urquidy gave was fortunate to get out of the 1st with just 1 run allowed).

4-2 mid 2

And he gives up a leadoff homer in the 3rd.

4-3 for now.

Are the people behind the plate doing the wave? That’s… disturbing.

And it’s 6-4 Oakland.

Urquidy has been terrible.

I guess we were due for somebody to throw a stinker. Urquidy wouldn’t have been the guy I expected it from, though.

Why not?

Garcia would have been my first guess, McCullers my second.

Urquidy and Garcia have taken turns being uninspiring lately.

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Astros also haven’t had a baserunner since the 1st

In fairness they’re back of the rotation guys and both have punched above their weight at times.

And I’m a completely spoiled fan who wants 6 innings and maybe a couple of runs from the starter every night.


Smith pitching in the 7th.

Urquidy’s line:
6 IP. 7 H 6 R 2 BB 6 K. 2 HR

Not great, Bob.

Deleted because I am an idiot

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2 out walk and a hanger hit off the scoreboard in left.

Vazquez with a 1 out single to right.

Dude can handle the bat.

And double play ends the inning.

Yordan dinger makes it 7-5 in the 8th.

He’s a bad motherfucker.

Kemp single, SB, TE2, scores on a single.

It’s 8-5 and Abreu just walked a batter.

1st/2nd, 2 outs.